Don’t Date A Girl Who Travels

This video is such an inspiration for girls who travels. It is so sick and awesome how someone could make this video. To all girls who travels, Watch it!

Don’t date a girl who travels
She is the one with the messy hair colored by the sun
Her soul craves for new experiences and adventures
She goes with the flow and follows her heart
Her days ruled by the sun and the moon
When the waves are calling.. life stops Continue reading

When Missing the Loved One Seems So Wrong

This song is on loop, “Time In A Bottle” by Jim Croce. At the moment, I really miss him. I remember when I was lying next to him for the last time and he said “It seems like yesterday I met you and now you have to leave”. We started our relationship in a wrong way. It was an adventure for both of us until one day, we have to admit that we have feeling for each other. I wish I have more time to be with him. I wish there is no distance. I wish I could choose an option. I wish we would never start a fire. Continue reading

The Other Woman

I found this song, The Other Woman, and started to contemplate. It is sad, a very sad song but I don’t know how it makes me happy.

Well yeah, I’ve been there before. It is so sad being the other woman. You should not love him, it’s difficult because women use their emotional side more than men. You don’t and you cannot have his love to keep. You’re hidden from his life, you should not appear in his social media, never appear in front of his wife and colleagues. Sad, huh? Well yeah, being the other woman is like a ‘filler’ in one’s relationship. In the end, you realized, you have to move on or you will spend your life alone, waiting for your.. lover, which will never be yours. No, he will never be yours, he will never say he is in love with his mistress. You know him very well when you were with him. You know him very well when he has someone else to replace you as his lover.

Self Reflection Before Birthday

Birthday is approaching.

There are so many wonderful things happened this year. I have some wish list/ goal last year, gonna check ‘em if I have completed some:

1. Eat more veggies and fruits — DONE! I eat more veggies and fruits, especially avocado with chocolate and YES, I gained 2 kg. Happy!
2. Buy a pair of running shoes — NOT. But, I have a pair of decent high heels *wink*
3. Travel to the Eastern part of Indonesia — DONE! Skip that Raja Ampat. Done with Papua!
4. One trip to another country — DONE!
5. Pass IELTS exam — DONE! This is the easiest EXAM ever. I got a high score! Seriously, you should take IELTS than TOEFL, because it’s more fun ;-)
6. Learn a little bit French — NOPE, and I started to learn German (again)
7. Get a college and scholarship — DONE!
8. Paint on canvas — NOT. I’m still doing on paper, gonna buy oils and canvas next week. Seriously.
9. Do paper quilling and drawing more — Done! Started to learn quilling and make some work of art
10. Practice Yoga — NOT Yoga. But I enrolled myself to a health club and hire a personal trainer to get myself in shape. I’m still working for my thighs and abs :-)
11. Do the daily meditation — DONE!
12. Stay away from junk food — DONE! I didn’t eat KFCs or MCDs or Burger King or other disgusting processed food. Oh wait, but I still eat German sausages. Hm.. you know, it’s delicious! :3
13. Regular visit to hometown — NOT. I don’t know but I feel uncomfortable in my house. I feel like an 18 years old when suddenly mom called me at 7pm and she asked me to go home! Whhaaatt??!!
14.  More saving to travel to Nepal — NOT. I spend most of my money on domestic travel and saving for school. But, of course I will do.
15. Finish reading some books — NOT. I have a new book list and cannot wait to eat ‘em all. This year I have Sophie’s World and Love in the Time of Cholera.

So out of 15 goals, I completed 60% of it.

What was my unforgettable moment this year? These are the list: Continue reading

A Slap On Face

Today I got a slap straight on face *ouchh*. Not the real one, but this person just snap snap and woke me up from deep sleep as someone’s someone without wedding vow. Well you know…that ‘Mistress’ word or ‘The Other Woman’.  I’m NOT proud of it. At first, what I had in mind was that I wanted to have a ‘little adventure’ in life. However, that ‘adventure’ was getting harder to handle when emotional feeling is involved. When you’re in that situation, there is a wise word “never have your emotion involve”. But.. I can’t.

I was with married man twice. Do I like to be with them? Do I get paid? Continue reading

Pulang Pisau Forest in Central Borneo

Hey ho!

I just came back from business trip in Central Kalimantan. We flew from Jakarta at 6.00 in the morning and arrived in beautiful Palangkaraya at maybe around 9am. Anyway, we’re not doing projects in Palangkaraya, but we had some activities to do in a small region, Pulang Pisau. It took 3 hours driving from Palangkaraya to Pulang Pisau.

If you have been to Palangkaraya, what do you think about this city? Well in my opinion, it’s a beutiful and quiet city. I would love to stay in this city. But, if you love quietness, visit Pulang Pisau! This city is way more quiet and you could also walk in the middle of the street and oh oh at night, you could count the countless stars in dark sky above. Continue reading