A Slap On Face

Today I got a slap straight on face *ouchh*. Not the real one, but this person just snap snap and woke me up from deep sleep as someone’s someone without wedding vow. Well you know…that ‘M’ word. I’m NOT proud of it. At first, what I had in mind was that I wanted to have a ‘little adventure’ in life. However, that ‘adventure’ was getting harder to handle when emotional feeling is involved. When you’re in that situation, there is a wise word “never have your emotion involve”. But.. I can’t.

I was with married man twice. Do I like to be with them? Do I get paid? Continue reading

Pulang Pisau Forest in Central Borneo

Hey ho!

I just came back from business trip in Central Kalimantan. We flew from Jakarta at 6.00 in the morning and arrived in beautiful Palangkaraya at maybe around 9am. Anyway, we’re not doing projects in Palangkaraya, but we had some activities to do in a small region, Pulang Pisau. It took 3 hours driving from Palangkaraya to Pulang Pisau.

If you have been to Palangkaraya, what do you think about this city? Well in my opinion, it’s a beutiful and quiet city. I would love to stay in this city. But, if you love quietness, visit Pulang Pisau! This city is way more quiet and you could also walk in the middle of the street and oh oh at night, you could count the countless stars in dark sky above. Continue reading

Bye Bye Baby

I can’t sleep. The past is bothering me.

I’m feeling blue. A little life was growing inside of me few months ago. When I knew about it, I was excited. Excited in a bad way. It was truly a mixed feeling, between happy and sad. I was happy because I had something to call mine. I was unhappy and sad because I had to do this all alone and was not prepared.

Let’s call this seed as “Her”. I knew about her when I was late. Did I tell her dad? No. He doesn’t even need to know. I think when a girl got pregnant she would terror her fiancee or maybe her boyfriend or maybe her one night stand to be responsible and get married perhaps. But hey, it takes two to tango. You have to be responsible as well and start blaming yourself :)

So, that was what I did. To be responsible for what I have done. I decided to keep her. Unfortunately, last month, accident happened. I lost her.

Maybe God loved her so much then He should take her away. Maybe God loved me so much and He knew what was the best for me.

When I saw my friends with her baby bump I started to picturing myself that I could be like those women. But, I was not. Ahh whatever.. That time will come. It’s alright. “Everything will be alright”, I tapped my shoulder.

Beautiful February

It has been a wonderful month. There are a lot of beautiful and also sad things happened in this month. The list below are experiences that have been successfully captured my heart the most.

  1. This February has been the wettest month compared to December and January. I love raining and in February it has been raining during day and night. It is so cold in Jakarta, I could wear cardigans and jackets I never wear.
  2. I went to Taman Izmail Marzuki for the first time to attend a charity concert “The Singing Toilet for Sinabung”. It was my first concert I attended, first time to Taman Izmail Marzuki, and first time donated clothes for our family in Sinabung. It was a great experience.
  3. I lost my cat, Tongkichie. He had been my foster cat for almost 3 years. He died because of flu.
  4. I sprained my neck for more than 3 times in February and it led me to find new pillows.
  5. I decided to join Kursus Evangelisasi Pribadi or Private Evangelism Training at Gereja St. Theresia in Menteng, Jakarta. Hey it was for fun when I put my name on the registration form! And honestly, at first I thought this kind of activity would change me into Continue reading

Memories of Kampus Bonaventura

During holidays last week, I went to my ex-college the Faculty of Industrial Technology in Bonaventura Building, UAJY. I went there to have my degree certificate copies verified by the Administration Office. I also had to meet my lecturer to request a recommendation letter for pursuing postgraduate education. My lecturers and some of administration office staffs still remembered me. I had such a wonderful feeling to speak with them again. A glimpse of memory went through my head when I was walking down the aisle of the FTI. Ahh, I want to be back in memories of 7 years ago, when I was a new student and studying Information Technology engineering.

Faculty of Industrial Technology

Faculty of Industrial Technology

Picture above: do you see that white building? There was where I studied. I never thought I would miss this place. I had wonderful memories when I was studying at this campus:

Auditorium Hall

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Happy Birthday!

Today is my 27th birthday. I see how time flies so fast, like a blink of an eye. Look, now I’m in the state of my late twenties. In my 27 years of living, I want to be brave for anything. I want to accomplish my goals. In this year, I will be seriously focused on my education. I have been dreaming about pursuing postgraduate since last year, but I didn’t have courage to take further step to apply for university.

Birthday Greeting from Google

Birthday Greeting from Google

My birthday this year could be the best birthday in my life after I moved to Jakarta. I’m not alone anymore. I have made peace with myself. I don’t need anyone to impress my success. I just want to impress myself and to push limitation.

Back in the last year, these are the interesting events happened when I was 26 and most of them were my first experience:

  1. I celebrated my 26th birthday alone. I blew out birthday candle that I stuck on choco-chips muffin with teary eyes. “Ohh why I didn’t have friends to celebrate my birthday”, but hey, it was the turning point of my life. I didn’t need them to celebrate my birthday. I need myself to take care of me completely and I only need my parents’ sincere prayer for me.
  2. My old friend gave me a cute Hard Rock plush toy. Thank you, Andik! I really love that cute blue lemur plush toy.
  3. Completed my task to assist one of coal mining company in Indonesia to get the1st of one of emission reduction certification in coal mining sector worldwide. *Yippiee!!
  4. Traveled for the first time to one of Jakarta’s islands. I snorkeled and swam to the open sea without live vest!
  5. Spent 5 days in Bangkok and wandered around with my travel mate.
  6. Got myself flew to Singapore alone for 3 days and stayed in a hostel!
  7. Went to Indonesia National Monument (Monas) for the first time because there was a Japan exhibition and also I saw JKT48 show live for the 1st time!
  8. Visited animal shelter and it was an amazing experience to see, hug and cuddle abandoned dogs and cats.
  9. Ate dinner at Holycow and Otel Lobby. This is important!
  10. Volunteered for animal spaying and neutering. Continue reading