Run away with me

Run away with me.

Pack your bags and leave your reservations behind. Unpack your hopes and your fears and every dream that you let drop by the wayside over the years. Pick up your wildest childhood fantasies and let’s steal away in the night. We’ll leave this wasteland, ditch this city, let the lights flicker off and burn out in our wake because we’re going somewhere where the sun burns long into the night.

Leave it all behind with me. We’ll run from our failures and misgivings, drench ourselves in sweet possibilities, dip our toes into the oceans of regret and dry our souls out in the sunlight of forgiveness. Continue reading


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I know you have seen things you wish you hadn’t. You have done things you wish you could take back. And you wonder why you were thrown into the thick of it all – why you had to suffer the way you did. And as you are sitting there alone and hurting, I wish I could put a pen in your hand and gently remind you how the world has given you poetry and now you must give it back. Continue reading

The Venn-Diagram of Love

I was at home for several days for the long holidays. We are celebrating Eid Al-Fitr. Well, basically not me who celebrate it, but most people in Indonesia are. When I was at home, butterflies and dragonflies might have spread the words that I was in town.

The little butterflies spread the words until I got a phone call and text message saying “Hey, are you in town? Up for coffee and ice cream?“. How can I refuse the offer for ice cream? It is indeed my weakness!  It was someone from the past calling. We talked and he said that he still loved me.

Dear, you should know that I love you. I love talking to you and I wouldn’t mind to share a cup of ice cream with you. However you should know, I feel so much better when we are NOT together. Our relationship was not healthy. I felt more depressed when I was with you than I am now.” – I told him Continue reading

Good bye, my precious!

Today, I have to bid farewell to something I loved the most. I’ve been playing around with this for almost 2 months. I cannot stop thinking about it. It is a best friend of mine, something that I looked for when I was bored, when I was stuck in Jakarta’s crazy traffic, when I was waiting at the airport, when I was working. I know, addiction on something is not healthy. But this is for sure, I have to say good bye to my favourite and addicting game ever. Hay Day.

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