Life Lessons

I’m gonna quote an article by Liyakat Shah written in the Jakarta Post last February 2012. This one is beautiful and I almost everyday read this one to remind me that I still have compassion in my life 🙂

This is the quotation:

“So many people in this world attempt to set world records to have their names recorded in the Guiness Book of World Records. But instead, let’s try these odd things to record our good deeds to open the gates of Paradise.

If you have dozens of clothes of different colors, give them to the needy.

If you have a variety of delicious, aromatic food at home, give some to the hungry.

if you drink cold, clean safe, filtered and oxygenated water, share a glass of water with the thirsty.

if you have dozens of pairs of shoes and sandals, give some to a person who walks barefooted.

if you have a double mattress, thick blanket and a pair of pillows, remember those who sleep along the roadsides and footpaths.

if you travel in luxurious amenities, share your seats with people for whom such a luxury would be a dream.

if you find some people in trouble, stop to help them find solutions to their problems.

if you find any humans, animals, or birds held in captivity, make necessary arrangements for their freedom.

if you are a highly qualified and experienced person, educate a child in your neighborhood.

if you own an institution or a factory, open a school to impart free education to children.

if you sleep soundly at night, help those whose problems and ailments keep them from resting peacefully.

if you are healthy, seek out the sick, old, and feeble and help them to forget their worries.

if you stay in a five-star hotel, seek out the people sleep under a blanket of stars each night.

Let’s make up our minds to do at least one good deed. Remember, it may be difficult, but it is within the realm of possibility to help alleviate the suffering of those less fortunate, who bear such difficulties out of faith in Almighty God.”

You can find the article by following the link:


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