Taman Safari Indonesia

Last Saturday, I did an amazing journey. After swimming in the morning and bored with the hustle bustle in Jakarta, my friend and I were spontaneously did an amazing journey to Bogor.  We went to Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI). That was the first time for both of us to have a short trip to TSI. We both were completely blind, in which case, we didn’t know how to get to TSI by public transportation. What we knew was that we have to get to Bogor first by train.

We took an express train from Manggarai train station to Bogor train station. One ticket to Bogor cost IDR 9,000. The train that took us to Bogor was not as bad as I imagined. The train equipped with air conditioning and bright lamps. I was really enjoying the ride to Bogor.  After googling and asking how to get to TSI, we finally knew how to get to TSI by public transportation. Below are the public transportations and its price that we took to TSI:

  1. Minibus #03. The minibus #03 was a mini green bus or people called it as mikrolet with a route from Bogor train station to Baranang Siang. We had to take this minibus from the train station and stopped until we found on the street a minibus with number of the bus #01. The minibus cost us per person of IDR 2,500.
  2. Minibus #01. This was another mini green bus with #01 on the back. We had to tell the driver that we would stop at Ciawi since the minibus would have another route to some other place that I forgot. The minibus cost us per person of IDR 2,500.
  3. Another minibus to Cisarua. It was a blue mini bus written on its back “CISARUA”. We took that minibus and we had to tell the driver to stop at TSI. The minibus CISARUA cost us per person of IDR 5,000. We were dropped at TSI three junctions. Our journey was not stopped in here, because again we have to take another minibus to get to TSI.
  4. Another minibus from TSI three junctions. Actually there were some ojek drivers that would take us to TSI main gate; however it would cost us IDR 15,000 per person. So, we decided to take another minibus from TSI three junctions to TSI main gate with IDR 5,000 per person.

Well, after a long and winding road, we finally arrived at TSI main gate. Unfortunately, it was only a main gate with a banner “Welcome to Taman Safari Indonesia”. We had to walk for about 20 minutes to the entrance and bought tickets.  The ticket costs IDR 130,000 for domestic tourists and IDR 200,000 for international tourists. After ticketing gate, there were buses (for free) to take us around and see animals inside TSI. Yay!

We were travelled to the herbivore area and carnivore area. I loved to see animals, I was happy to see them free and healthy and living side by side. The tour stopped at a recreational park. Near the bus stop there was a Baby Zoo. There was a cute baby lion, white tiger and orangutan to be cuddled. The price for taking a picture with baby lion or white tiger was IDR 15,000 and IDR 20,000 for orangutan.

Look at him above, don’t you think he is adorable? Oh oh by the way i have this too:

He is super cute. Isn’t he? :”>

and picture below is the famous orang utan. I was very happy to see orangutan be free in there. I cursed the people who brutally set fire to their habitat and opened it for palm oil plantation.  Screw you palm oil plantation!! Boo Boo..!

Moreover, below is the birds of paradise. They were beautiful and colorful. It was my first time to see them alive.

Lazy tigers below, ohh somehow I wanted to lie down under their paws but thinking about me as their meal would not be a good news for anyone:

There were also many attractions and rides inside the park. There were Ferris wheel, swing ride, swan boat, mini jet coaster, haunted house (ghost train), wave swinger, log flume, sky lift, etc. I tried every attraction in the park. Besides that there were also a lot of food courts and drink stalls for us to eat. Oh, I felt like a kid again. It was fantastic to have a spontaneous journey to somewhere I didn’t know. It was challenging at first, but once I did it, it would be such an achievement in my life


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