Life is good

You know that Jakarta and never ending tasks could be the best soul destroyer. In August i was on top of stress level: a lot of  backlogs, boring cubical, i woke up with dark heavy eye bags, less sleeping quality and feeling like everyone around me was making a mess. I had been like a monster, feelin alone even unwanted. Really i need to get off from the most polluted city in Indonesia. Well then i decided to really unwind, away from Jakarta for a while. First thing came in to my mind was a trip to Bali. So, straight from it, i booked air tickets and hotel to stay.
I arrived in Bali around 5pm. Since i was not aware with situation in Bali, so i picked airport taxi. The taxi drove me down from the airport to my hotel in Seminyak for Rp 85,000. I have no idea whether it is categorized as cheap fare or the expensive one? but i’ve read many blogs and some of them said  that it cost around Rp 60,000 from Ngurah Rai to Seminyak.

And so as i reached Seminyak, the first i do was to see sunset. This is the first sunset i enjoyed in Seminyak.

it’s beautiful. Just sitting alone my self and enjoy this natural beautiful live painting took my troubles away. Awesome! Being a single traveler is interesting. You decided everything yourself and no one interfere your decision. And so every morning i jogged by Seminyak beach, swimmin the beach, back to the hotel and swimmin again, took brunch on street and off to anywhere i wanna go.

Bukit Campuhan Ubud

Picture above was taken when me and my friend cycled to Bukit Campuhan in Ubud.

Bukit Campuhan

Another picture in Bukit Campuhan. Oh Lord, the real one is more beautiful. This place is a good spot for photographs 😉

I also traveled to Padang Bai, it’s a beautiful spot for snorkling. There was a guy offering us for Rp 350,000 snorkling in the middle of the sea. Didnt take that, since i was not in the mood of snorkling tho’. But i think i would next time.

Breath taking Uluwatu

And above is the beautiful Uluwatu.

I’ve never had enough for Bali. Bali would always be my favorite destination. Being a solo traveler is fun. Spendin few days in Bali was great. You know, during vacation i realized something, you can only count on your self, because you only have you. I might be too hard with myself, but i have to. After the trip, i love me more. Like no one could ever separate me, my self and my shadow. Ahh you know, when you’re alone in the middle of nowhere, you will appreciate how good your life is. So much to be thankful for. Life have been very kind.

Final words: i’ve found myself. I dont even care about anyone’s judgement. People come and go, they’re free to judge anyway. There lies the beauty of life and moreover we live only once, so make it worthy and memorable 😉


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