Do You Enjoy The Ride?

I love amusement park. I enjoy classic rides such as Ferris wheel, Carrousels, Log Rides, the Haunted Mansion, Tilt a Whirl and also I enjoy scary thrill rides like Roller Coaster, Double Shot, Freefall, Pendulum Rides, etc. So, few days ago I visited an amusement park. After measuring my gut, I went for the Flying Carpet. When I saw people from the ground who was riding Flying Carpet, I had a thought in my mind that this ride was not as scary as it might seem. However, it was different when I was riding on it. I was afraid, blank, paralyzed and almost vomiting. I had anxiety attack if the safety belt had not worked and I would have fallen down from above. Moreover, what if I had fallen down and I would have had some bones broken and I didn’t die. I might have been over-thinking all the time about the way I might die and maybe that was why I didn’t enjoy the ride.

I sat down near the ride and had a self talk. Ah, what happened with me? Why was I so afraid of this ride?  I remembered few months ago I went to a big amusement park for the first time and tried to ride a Double Shot. I asked a little boy next to me “which part of the handles should I hold?” and the boy said “you don’t need to hold anything. Free your hands and feel the sensation of gravity fall”. I was screaming all the time on the ride. After it finished, that little boy told me “fear only exists in your mind. Don’t worry. Don’t be afraid. This is just a ride. I bet that your life is scarier than the ride”. I was stunned when he said that. He was just a little boy and I was a 24 year old. How could he have that kind of perspective?

Ferris wheel at the Riverfront
Ferris wheel at the Riverfront

After contemplating and remembered on the wise words of the little boy, I decided to go for more thrill rides. I went for a Tornado. This ride was scarier than the Flying Carpet. At first, I decided to close my eyes. I was afraid. But then, I remembered on what he said. “This is just a ride”. Those words gave my mind a new perspective. Therefore, I opened my eyes. I was swung up and down. I enjoyed the blue sky. I enjoyed the feeling when I was swung left and right and almost crashed some trees. It felt so good. After I could control my fear, I went for the Sky Coaster. I was smiling during the ride with my eyes wide opened. I took a deep breath and stared up at the sky. I asked myself when I was above “Are you enjoying the ride?” and I answered, “Yes I am. I feel like I’m sitting on rope swings. I’m hurtling into space at 70,000 mph through a Universe that has no beginning or end.”


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