Stop The Time

So, where should i start?

Well, I’m going back to my hometown for the long national holiday. Happy? Yes I am. The most important thing is that i could meet my parents and spend time together with them and also with my brother. Home hasn’t changed a lot, unless there are some shady trees in front of my house and some new orchids at the back garden. Everything seems so small, or perhaps i grow taller and bigger. I feel like a giant inside a mushroom hut.

As i entered the main bedroom, the bed looks small, this bed was once could cover the four of us. There was a slight of memory when my dad were telling us stories for afternoon nap over the weekend. I fell asleep and imagining the stories that my dad told us. Now, i see my mom and dad, they are growing old and weak. Their hair was greyer than the last few months i visited them. Do you know, i miss them. I miss when my mom picked me up at school. I miss when my dad brought us his overtime meals, i miss when my brother whined for new toys.

They are the only treasures that i have in life. If i could, i would stop the time. My parents were still working and my brother and me were still in school.

But, time flies so fast whether i like it or not. This is sad.

I want to make them happy. I’m working, earn a lot of money where i could cover some of their expenses. It is not much, but it could help. My dad always says “we don’t need it, me and your mom could cover our own expenses. You should keep your money for your own and don’t worry about us”

…but i can’t. It was so sad when they said that. I wish i could stop the time, but i couldn’t.

They have been very generous to me, they have been really kind. I am so blessed that i have parents like them. They never put pressures on me to fulfill their ambition just like other parents. I am not their puppet, I am their daughter.

So, if i could not wish to stop the time, at least i could pray for my parents and brother’s happiness. I wish them good health and wisdom. I wish all their prayer are granted.


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