I’m a Lone Wolf

In the next three days, I will be a lone wolf. Yap. I’m traveling solo. Excited? Absolutely. Today I’m heading to Singapore. This will be my first time alone in Singapore.

Lone Wolf

I booked round trip tickets about a month ago. I (again) need some “me time” away from friends, relatives and traffic around me. I will be staying in a hostel. Yap, it’s a hostel. This will be also my first time to stay in a bunk bed and share toilet with other people. The reason why I’m staying in a hostel is because I want to experience another side of this life. I want to be a part of a female solo traveler from around the world. I’m sure it will be awesome.

My relative once asked me: “why do you go alone? You will be lost in the city”. But, well this was my answer: “I will be losing myself if I’m traveling with groups of people”. Going solo is a great way to connect yourself with your soul. You have no one to depend on. You rely on yourself. Do you think I’m not afraid? Well, I admit, sometimes I’m being fear of alone. But, we’re all alone after all, aren’t we? So, “fuck it” and go out anyway : )

What am I going to do in Singapore? Well, I want to read my favorite book “The Happiness Project” in the garden. Just it? Yes. Just it.

The Happiness Project
The Happiness Project

Since I’m not a mall aficionado, I will stay away from malls in Singapore. Jakarta has had too many malls and I’m fed up with them. Maybe I will be walking around the park, munch some street food, ice cream, go to Chinatown or Bugis and find some cute little stuffs for my parents and brother. But I’m sure that I will spend most of my money for food, food and food!

There is one thing I hate from traveling, which is “the asked souvenir”. Souvenir should not be asked. It is given willingly by a person who travels. It is like, I remember you while I was away. Ah, anyway, I don’t want to stress out with this and that souvenir thing asked by my friends or relatives tho. It is me time and it is not your time to ask me to buy you some souvenirs. You can go out there yourself, right?

Ah, wishing that today and the next three days will be the most memorable days in my life.

ps: the wolf picture above was copied while i was browsing Google


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