Visiting Little Paw-friends at Pejaten Shelter

Last Sunday, my colleagues and I visited Pejaten Shelter. We had planned for the visit since two months ago and due to our domestic bustle, we just made it yesterday. The main reason why we decided to visit our little friends was because we loved everything with paws and most of all because we concerned about the life of stray animals.

paw pawIt was easy to reach Pejaten Shelter by public transportation. The shelter is located at Jalan Pejaten Barat no. 45 W. You can reach to this location by taking Trans Jakarta, alight at Phillips Pejaten, take the right exit and walk straight to Jalan Pejaten Barat for about 500 meter and the shelter is in your right side, beside Kopaja’s workshop.

We were welcomed by a friendly bark from our little friends. That place was dog and cat shelter, but the most animals were dog. It was about 400 dogs in the shelter for the past 4 years (or approximately 100 dogs were abandoned every year. This is tragic). We also met bu Susan and her husband, which were the owner of the shelter. They had that shelter with all the animals and they still had 80 dogs at home. Can you imagine that? It costs a lot of money to run the shelter, sterilize the animals, feed them and take a good care of them.

Me and Rika
Rika, me, Yazeed and a very friendly dog

Pejaten shelter had three areas, two dog houses and one big cage for cats. I just found out that once the animals were sterilized, they would become lazy, eat a lot, stay at home and become chubby. Yesterday I saw some cats which were cute and chubby. Oh I love that place.

Dog house (1)
Dog house (1)
Dog house (2)
Dog house (2)

I enjoyed the stroll in the three cage areas. I love dogs and I also love cats. If I could I would bring them home. Unfortunately, I’m a nomad in this town and what I can do is donating. This is sad. I would love to hug them and feed them every day.

Cat house
Cat house

If you desire to visit dogs and cats at Pejaten Shelter, you can bring them rice, chicken fingers, chicken heads, floor cleaners or disinfectant. Further, you can be donors for the shelter as well. They need a lot of money to run that place. Or maybe, if you don’t want that, you can help to save the poor stray animals too!

  1. If you have a little money, you can sterilize one or two cats at your neighborhood. There is a Facebook fan page “Steril Yuk” which provides financial assistance for dogs and cats sterilization.
  2. Feed or take a good care of stray cats in your neighborhood. Well, if you cannot afford to feed them or maybe if you don’t like animals, at least don’t hurt them. Don’t kick or abuse stray cats and dogs. Just imagine it conversely, what if you were that poor stray cat or dog. You were hungry and looking for something to eat, and then suddenly someone kicked, flushed you with hot-boiled water or the worst, slashed you. You wouldn’t dare to be on that scene, would you?
  3. DON’T buy puppies and kitten at pet shops. They breed cats and dogs for their own advantage. I read, that pet shops “forced” their animals to give birth cute puppies and kitten. Moreover, the pet shops owner do not take care those puppies/ kittens’ parent. They let the mother thin, hungry and injured.
  4. If you decide to pet dogs or cats, it takes a lifetime commitment. It is wrong if you would like to pet animals because you seduced by the cuteness of those little crying puppies or the fluffy tiny kitten. Once they grew up, you don’t want them anymore. Shame on you! If you couldn’t love them until they were old, don’t pet them. They are animals, but they have feelings, they have love and it is so wrong if you hurt or abandon them!
  5. Start adopting! There are so many poor stray animals that need your warm heart, who need a home and not a house

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