Milestones in 2014

Hello! Merry Christmas!

It’s been three days after Christmas, how do you feel? Are you happy? For me, yes I am happy. I’m happy that I could celebrate Christmas with my family at my beloved hometown. I’m happy to see my brother set up the Christmas tree while I was making dinner. I’m happy to see my parents and my brother enjoyed the meals. But, Christmas for me is not about the luxury of a Christmas tree, gifts, delicious dinner or new clothing. I really feel the joy of Christmas is more than those material possessions. When Christmas comes, I always see myself back a year before, what have I done? Have I implemented the guidelines that Christ had taught us? Well, yeah, I am still learning. Do you remember when He said “Love others like you love yourself”? This is what I learn everyday, to love others (not only to people but also our surroundings) like we love ourselves. What a wonderful taught! I am glad that Jesus came to Earth to show us this guidelines, He was like “Hey, this is how you should live and I’m going to show you”. Awesome!

Anyway, 2013 will be left behind and in the next 3 days we will be in the beginning of 2014. Have you made little milestones that you’d like to achieve in the upcoming 2014? It should not be a big deal and these are my targets in 2014:

  1. I could pass the final exam
  2. Travel around Indonesia. Yeah, 2014 will be my national vacation days!
  3. Stay focus on study
  4. Buy a microwave
  5. Stop stalking to my ex and his wife’s twitter and facebook (this is the hardest part) :p
  6. I write more essays
  7. Walk from the office to the boarding house twice a week (and it leads me to number 8)
  8. Buy a pair of comfortable and good quality of running shoes! Yeah!
  9. Use less plastic bags and bring my own bag everywhere I go and therefore in case I decided to buy something, I would use my own bag
  10. Implement the sustainability clothing. When I buy 1 clothing I should dismiss 1 old clothing for charity
  11. Eat veggies and fruits everyday
  12. Eat more fresh fish and no more canned tuna
  13. More often walk to local market at least once a week
  14. Go to hometown to pay a visit of my parents at least once a month
  15. Bring my own tumbler everywhere and therefore I could minimize the consumption of bottled mineral water
  16. Regular visit to animal shelter
  17. Mastering 1 language and it would be French
  18. No more alcohol including cocktail and wine!
  19. Stop the mental judgment to people instead learn to listen to their stories
  20. Regular practice of paper quilling and painting at least once a week

Those are my 20 milestones that I’m going to do in 2014. It seems easy but apparently I need a huge effort to train myself to be discipline like what I’ve mentioned!

Happy New Year!