Happy Birthday!

Today is my 27th birthday. I see how time flies so fast, like a blink of an eye. Look, now I’m in the state of my late twenties. In my 27 years of living, I want to be brave for anything. I want to accomplish my goals. In this year, I will be seriously focused on my education. I have been dreaming about pursuing postgraduate since last year, but I didn’t have courage to take further step to apply for university.

Birthday Greeting from Google
Birthday Greeting from Google

My birthday this year could be the best birthday in my life after I moved to Jakarta. I’m not alone anymore. I have made peace with myself. I don’t need anyone to impress my success. I just want to impress myself and to push limitation.

Back in the last year, these are the interesting events happened when I was 26 and most of them were my first experience:

    1. I celebrated my 26th birthday alone. I blew out birthday candle that I stuck on choco-chips muffin with teary eyes. “Ohh why I didn’t have friends to celebrate my birthday”, but hey, it was the turning point of my life. I didn’t need them to celebrate my birthday. I need myself to take care of me completely and I only need my parents’ sincere prayer for me.
    2. My old friend gave me a cute Hard Rock plush toy. Thank you, Andik! I really love that cute blue lemur plush toy.
    3. Completed my task to assist one of coal mining company in Indonesia to get the1st of one of emission reduction certification in coal mining sector worldwide. *Yippiee!!
    4. Traveled for the first time to one of Jakarta’s islands. I snorkeled and swam to the open sea without live vest!
    5. Spent 5 days in Bangkok and wandered around with my travel mate.
    6. Got myself flew to Singapore alone for 3 days and stayed in a hostel!
    7. Went to Indonesia National Monument (Monas) for the first time because there was a Japan exhibition and also I saw JKT48 show live for the 1st time!
    8. Visited animal shelter and it was an amazing experience to see, hug and cuddle abandoned dogs and cats.
    9. Ate dinner at Holycow and Otel Lobby. This is important!
    10. Volunteered for animal spaying and neutering.
    11. Went to Monument Pancasila and wrote a story about it.
    12. Finally had finished reading Aleph and The Little Prince.
    13. Got a wedding invitation from my (ex) first love to attend his holy matrimony. It hurts like being stabbed on heart for many times!
    14. Went to Jakarta’s gardens and spent hours at the National Library
    15. Had my first experience as MC.
    16. Met Mr. B which was also one of the “gifted people” with missions. We talked a lot and he introduced me to the Venus Project and to other people which had the same experience like me. I finally met someone who had the same “insanity” like I had. We were not friends, but I’m glad I met him.
    17. Started to use less plastic bag.
    18. Wore skirt everyday to the office. I used to wear trousers and ashamed of my fat legs, but who cares?
    19. Went to Meruya for the first time brought my cat to have her spayed!
    20. Applied for health insurance.
    21. Got my first Jamsostek card (or it is known as Social Security card).
    22. Went to Menara Dea to swim but actually I just need to take a shower because electricity went out at our housing complex.
    23. Stayed at MMC Hospital for 5 hours because of the breathing problem and the nurse helped me with respirator machine. It was a disaster in my life. I could not breathe, I could not speak. I thought I was going to die.
    24. Watched a Drag Queen show live.
    25. Met a client and he offered me Mercedez S-class and an apartment. In return I served him as a sugar baby. My answer? HELL NO!
    26. Spent USD 200 for makeup. Crazy huh!

Those were the 26 highlight on my 26th year on Earth.

Moreover, these are some goals to achieve this year:

  1. Eat more veggies and fruits.
  2. Buy a pair of running shoes (Hm, I’m thinking about Nike!).
  3. Travel to the Eastern part of Indonesia, specifically Flores and Maluku.
  4. One trip to another country.
  5. Pass IELTS exam.
  6. Learn a little bit of French.
  7. Get a college and scholarship.
  8. Paint on canvas.
  9. Do paper quilling and drawing more.
  10. Practice yoga at least three times a week.
  11. Do the daily meditation.
  12. Stay away from junk food.
  13. Regular visit to hometown.
  14. More saving for traveling to Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.
  15. Finish reading To Kill a Mockingbird, The Winner Stands Alone, and The Night Circus.

Lately I was just having birthday lunch with colleagues. It feels so good to have lunch together with them. Yap, I’m not alone on my 27th birthday. I thank God for every blessing He has given me. Happy birthday, Dian!

Birthday lunch at office
Birthday lunch at office

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