Beautiful February

It has been a wonderful month. There are a lot of beautiful and also sad things happened in this month. The list below are experiences that have been successfully captured my heart the most.

  1. This February has been the wettest month compared to December and January. I love raining and in February it has been raining during day and night. It is so cold in Jakarta, I could wear cardigans and jackets I never wear.
  2. I went to Taman Izmail Marzuki for the first time to attend a charity concert “The Singing Toilet for Sinabung”. It was my first concert I attended, first time to Taman Izmail Marzuki, and first time donated clothes for our family in Sinabung. It was a great experience.
  3. I lost my cat, Tongkichie. He had been my foster cat for almost 3 years. He died because of flu.
  4. I sprained my neck for more than 3 times in February and it led me to find new pillows.
  5. I decided to join Kursus Evangelisasi Pribadi or Private Evangelism Training at Gereja St. Theresia in Menteng, Jakarta. Hey it was for fun when I put my name on the registration form! And honestly, at first I thought this kind of activity would change me into “bad person”. I was afraid if I became a mad Christian who pushed people to join in their religion. I was wrong! This activity brings me close to my beloved friend, Jesus. Through this activity I learn to smile, to have compassion for all creatures, to be patient in troubles, to let go things and the most important thing, I learn to communicate with the omnipotent, the universe, Jesus himself.
  6. I officially applied 2 (two) universities for MSc and also scholarships. Hm, I haven’t heard from the institutions yet until now, but I wish for the best. If I didn’t get it this year, God might have better plan. Right?
  7. I finally had my first English test, IELTS. The result? I don’t know yet. It will be available at the end of February 2014.
  8. I had an interview for becoming an expert in one of Ministry offices. It was nice to have a chance to be summoned for an interview with the Minister. But, I have to say no because this year I focused on my education. She won’t let me leave for study for a year.
  9. I said yes to an offer made by my company’s competitor. I said yes, because I would get more knowledge which is very important for self-development and I would have more interaction with experts in forestry and energy sector. It might not be easy but it worth it.
  10. This is it. I resigned from my first job. I have to say goodbye. Tomorrow, 28 February 2014 is my last day in this office. You know, time flies so fast. I never thought that I have been here for almost 4 years.

As the closure, thank you February! You have made my life wonderful.


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