Pulang Pisau Forest in Central Borneo

Hey ho!

I just came back from business trip in Central Kalimantan. We flew from Jakarta at 6.00 in the morning and arrived in beautiful Palangkaraya at maybe around 9am. Anyway, we’re not doing projects in Palangkaraya, but we had some activities to do in a small region, Pulang Pisau. It took 3 hours driving from Palangkaraya to Pulang Pisau.

If you have been to Palangkaraya, what do you think about this city? Well in my opinion, it’s a beutiful and quiet city. I would love to stay in this city. But, if you love quietness, visit Pulang Pisau! This city is way more quiet and you could also walk in the middle of the street and oh oh at night, you could count the countless stars in dark sky above.

Anyway, what I’m going to tell is that I had a chance to visit their forest. There was an accident actually, minor accident, where our car just suddenly stopped for no reason and we had to wait like 2 hours for another driver to pick us up.

This is the Kahayan river where we started our journey to Pulang Pisau forest (oh wait, actually the forest is near to Sebangau National Park). See that small boat? Locals called it “Klotok”, when I made my first step I was a little scared, but then I finally found balance.


Then, we went to the forest with this Klotok! Look! Brown water river


Then, as we went deep, the water was getting more clear.



It was very hot and humid in the forest. I had sunburn here and there, but I don’t mind. In fact, I want to stay in Pulang Pisau or perhaps, I want to stay in the forest 🙂




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