Self Reflection Before Birthday

Birthday is approaching.

There are so many wonderful things happened this year. I have some wish list/ goal last year, gonna check ’em if I have completed some:

1. Eat more veggies and fruits — DONE! I eat more veggies and fruits, especially avocado with chocolate and YES, I gained 2 kg. Happy!
2. Buy a pair of running shoes — NOT. But, I have a pair of decent high heels *wink*
3. Travel to the Eastern part of Indonesia — DONE! Skip that Raja Ampat. Done with Papua!
4. One trip to another country — DONE!
5. Pass IELTS exam — DONE! This is the easiest EXAM ever. I got a high score! Seriously, you should take IELTS than TOEFL, because it’s more fun 😉
6. Learn a little bit French — NOPE, and I started to learn German (again)
7. Get a college and scholarship — DONE!
8. Paint on canvas — NOT. I’m still doing on paper, gonna buy oils and canvas next week. Seriously.
9. Do paper quilling and drawing more — Done! Started to learn quilling and make some work of art
10. Practice Yoga — NOT Yoga. But I enrolled myself to a health club and hire a personal trainer to get myself in shape. I’m still working for my thighs and abs 🙂
11. Do the daily meditation — DONE!
12. Stay away from junk food — DONE! I didn’t eat KFCs or MCDs or Burger King or other disgusting processed food. Oh wait, but I still eat German sausages. Hm.. you know, it’s delicious! :3
13. Regular visit to hometown — NOT. I don’t know but I feel uncomfortable in my house. I feel like an 18 years old when suddenly mom called me at 7pm and she asked me to go home! Whhaaatt??!!
14.  More saving to travel to Nepal — NOT. I spend most of my money on domestic travel and saving for school. But, of course I will do.
15. Finish reading some books — NOT. I have a new book list and cannot wait to eat ’em all. This year I have Sophie’s World and Love in the Time of Cholera.

So out of 15 goals, I completed 60% of it.

What was my unforgettable moment this year? These are the list:

1. Travel from the western to the eastern part of Indonesia was awesome.
2. I am not really into a wedding party. Most invitations I didn’t come, but, last November, I went to my close friend’s wedding, which took me back to Balikpapan in East Kalimantan. I left that city 4 years ago. Nothing has changed but our status. We have our own life, our own money. Back then 4 years ago brought the smile back in my face. I was sooo…. nerd, I didn’t like wearing skirt. But, 4 years later, BOOM! I love makeup, I love short skirt and shoes. I’m a woman and I’m happy.
3. I had a relationship with married men. Twice.
4. I moved in to a new place and decided to move out again with a bigger room.
5. I went to the Philippines and tried to eat their local food. It was OK
6. I enrolled my self to a health club as I mentioned above.
7. I swim more.
8. I paint my nails and toes. It’s fun.
9. I had a relationship.
10. I went to ob-gyn and a shrink for the 1st time.
11. This is the year where I feel ‘connected’ with the universe
12. I completed that personal evangelism at church, I have many friends now which makes me feel much happier!
13. Got an important mandate from office.
14. I bought a new bikini. Oh this is huge! I have an old bikini, which I don’t like anymore because I bought it when I was a teenager, but this is a new one, and I like it.
15. I was sick for a month and couldn’t move my body. It was the 1st disaster in my life. Now I’m super healthy!


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