Wish List in 2015

Alright Alright. Counting down the last week of December, and starting to set up new goals. My desk mate was telling me that it was such a lame idea to set targets or goals or milestones or whatever it is for the upcoming new year. Hihihi. Whatever, it is fun to do, I’ve completed 60% of my target this year and 40% was the improvisation of my ideas. So, I’ve completed 100% of wishlist in 2014. Ain’t it WONDERFUL? Sure it is. So, here is my wishlist in 2015:

5600_14622857211. No soda year. I will not drink soda. Hey I still drink beer and wine of course. They’re not soda!
2. I will not eat disgusting food from McD, KFC, or some sort of junk food
3. Move to a new place, a flat perhaps
4. It’s difficult for me, but I want to have more stable relationship. Doesn’t mean that I’m a ring hunter, I’m not going to ask my partner to marry me though, but, I want to settle down a little bit and have a serious relationship
5. I’d like to have more travels to exotic islands in Indonesia
6. Go to one country I’ve never been
7. Completely away from small talk. Oh yes, I’m too busy for STUPID or AIR HEADED people
8. Go to Obgyn, just to make sure that I’m healthy enough to have a baby. I’m serious about it
9. Buy a new traveling bag
10. Buy a new bikini
11. I normally do bikini line wax, but let’s try that Brazilian wax. Ouch!
12. Apply the motto for self confidence and stress reduction “FUCK it, other people are stupid!”
13. Swim more and exercise even more
14. Join art class again
15. I’ve been surrounded by Germans, so, better to know their language and culture
16. Learn more about forestry and communities. I’ve found it more interesting than energy, hm..
17. Completely leave and forget about the past lover. Our relationship will never work. So, I wish him happiness
18. Take things or problem lightly and not to have heavy burden on shoulders. Hey, life is an adventure, afraid not and have fun!
19. Take vitamin everyday for skin and brain
20. Go home on time and exercise regularly
21. No more Saturday meeting or Sunday homework
22. Paint regularly and write daily journal
23. Bring food from home during weekdays
24. Eat at least one fruit per day
25. Start a new life in Scotland 🙂

The last one, well, I’ve prepared for this, but I completely have no idea where life is gonna take me. But yeah, it’s ok to put it on my list.


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