Judge Me, Judge Me Not

I used to be a very judgmental person. Maybe society, culture, and family formed or pushed me to be such an annoying person. I used to be a little bitch who had pleasures on commenting other people’ flaws. I still love doing that BUT, right now I put a mirror in front of my face before pointing my fingers to someone. I had to ask myself “AM I FLAWLESS?”

she_loves_me_she_loves_me_not I’ve made mistakes the whole my life and I didn’t regret it. Because now I know what is good and ‘not good’ based on my personal experiences, not because people telling me gossip or their personal point of view. Let me define — Good means: I like it and it has good impact for my life. Not good means when something deep inside of my heart said that something is not right and make me sad.

So, now I’m asking you, what makes you afraid of doing mistakes? Afraid that your friend will leave you? Oh, FUCK IT! Your true friend will never leave you, instead, they will try to enlighten you and make you think twice before you do such things. Afraid that your parents will say that you’re a bad kid in the family? Oh, come on. I told my parents that I wanted to experience everything in life and they’re cool with it. Of course they would provide their point of view when I asked or requested opinion, however the one who should decide is me. I’m glad I have them as my parents 🙂

Well, I have flaws. I made mistakes. I’m not clean — well, maybe if you’re a believer you would say I’m a sinner whatever you named it. However, I am happy to be what I am right now. I experienced life more than you who are afraid of doing mistakes because people would stamp on your forehead that you’re a DISEASE and you’re DIFFERENT from other people.

It’s OK to be different. It’s OK not to follow the stream. I’m fed up with people’ judgement. Life is too short to think about all judgement that come to your face. Whatever you do, please have no regret. You will learn something eventually.


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