Merry Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all creatures in the world and Happy Holiday to you who dislike Christmas! 🙂

penguinholidayHihihi I dont want to be rude, but every Christmas, here in Indonesia, you will find a repeated ‘joke’ about the law of giving Chrismas’s greeting. But this only applies to people who have low intellectuality. Most of my friends just dont care and dont give a shit about it. Because it was just a greeting and people would not die because of it. Anyway, let that be the problems of air headed people, right?

So, I went home. I met mom and dad and brother, of course. I love them. This Christmas we reached the point where our spiritual has grown. I’m glad that I live in a family who respect other religions, people, and nature. We’re from Javanese line, so, we respect nature very much. And, we didn’t have special dining after Christmas mass, however, we gave some to people who need it. We feel naturally happy when we could help people.

And then, yesterday I met up some friends. We went to cinema, and had super cheap seafood. We ate like only $13 for 4 people. Afterwards, we craved for a famous beef satay in the city, and yes we munched again, which cost us like $2.5. People here are nice, they respect each other, they move slow.. ohoho compared to Jakarta, it’s a total chaos.

What do I want to say again. And oh, today is the day where I could skip work. Guess what, I worked a day before Christmas Eve, I had to SEND a fucking email after Christmas Eve, and I had to follow up to review a shitty report on Christmas Day! Awesome!

Ah anyway, I would extend my end year leave. So, happy Holiday to you all!


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