Emotional Loss After Coffee

The first day of the year. Today when I was waiting for my flight to Jakarta, I had a sip of coffee at a restaurant near the airport, which turned out I had a MAGIC COFFEE. Well, I had my drawing book on my left side and a notebook on my lap. I started to think, how time moved fast. So, what I had in my mind was, how great my 2014 was. I had everything in life supposed to experience. The year 2014 had been a learning point.


I was like in a light drug. It was such an intense repeated memory that everything happened to me in a year was right there in front of me. I wondered if the waiter put something in my coffee (?) But then, when it’s done, I didn’t feel anything anymore. Everything became more clear, I felt recharged. Like what my friend always told me “Move forward”. After the last sip of coffee. I had memory loss. Hey it’s TRUE. I didn’t make it up. Until now as I wrote this blog it still happened to me. I feel like I have no emotion. I didn’t feel hatred about my boyfriend or anything but one thing: I feel the highest power has too much love for me. Oh how RANDOM my feeling was 😀

And also, because of that ‘magic coffee’ I became active and too rational. You know, I cleaned my bedroom, I changed the bed sheet, I re-ordered things and tossed some useless stuffs. I felt loved and self peace. Today boyfriend said something about his dreams that he dreamt about me and so on.  And what was strange that I had a dream about him too last night. Argh.. stupid! But, nay.. it was just a dream. I didn’t think much about it. Too girly. Pfft! Anyway, when you dream about your boyfriend, that dream would never come true. So perhaps it was a sign from the Universe that we would not meet each other again in this Earth. Oh I want that coffee everyday! Thus I could be numb all day. Yiippie!


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