Today is my favorit day


What a wonderful Friday. I called in sick this morning. Yes, literally I am MENTALLY sick!

Anyway, today I woke up early, thinking about some random things I did last night. I met random person, in a random place, did such a random activity I never did to a stranger. How did I feel about it? Hm, satisfied!! It was good spontaneously doing things you never did before. I broke all those cultural and judgmental boundary I (sometimes) created for myself. Huff how awful. Life is hard, DONT JUDGE! Ugh, who am I to judge? Who are you to judge?

So, I worked from home. Not literally from home, but I moved from one coffee shop to another. I had my nails done, I had haircut, I met the best hairdresser and chat a little bit, I met new people and planned going to the cinema with friends this evening. You know, sometimes, office is not the best place to work. Sometimes, you need time for yourself, work far from the office, relax a little bit, munch healthy food, and have a good coffee! Like what I did today.

Best thing today was that I went to a new waxing place at Kuningan City. Something called Fruity Wax (?) It’s a new waxing place. Uff, it is painful to have Brazilian wax with WARM wax, and the lady who was doing that was without gloves! Yea, she touched my private area without gloves, using almost cold wax, powder, and they used tweezer! Ouch! But it’s alright, I wouldn’t go there anymore! πŸ™‚

So, conclusion of a day out of office, is that I feel really good! I have many things to do, AWFUL DEADLINE, and I don’t want to stress out of it. I am happy now. I should’ve thanked to the universe, what a wonderful day today. Today is my favorite day!


2 thoughts on “Today is my favorit day

  1. Hello, there. So you don’t recommend people to go to fruity wax?
    I want to try their brazilian wax, but since you had a bad experience with them, I’m not sure that I will go to that place.
    Thank you πŸ™‚

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