Home Is Where The Heart Is

53925-Home-Is-Where-The-Heart-IsThey say home is where the heart is. Maybe its true

I’ve been living in Jakarta for 4 years. During the 4 years, I’ve been changing places for about 7 times. Including when I stayed with relatives. I relatively change houses every one year because of a crazy landlady, bad kitchen, bad air ventilation, no boys allowed, and so on.

For the past 2.5 years, I stayed in an old house with a nice helper. She is like a family to me. When I was sick, she took a good care of me, cleaned my room, made me hot tea and meals, it was nice to have her in the house. Until finally, when I was away from Jakarta, the house was about to be sold.

So, I moved out with all my BIG stuffs to another house, a.k.a smaller house and smaller room 😦

Long story short, the cleaning lady went to her hometown, we didn’t have helper, my stuffs were getting heavy and out of order. My small room was super messy, and I couldn’t identify which underwear was cleaned, or even there were maggots on my plate. Yes, you could imagine how messy my room was. I had no time even just to clean my food. I traveled for a month and when I got back home, maggots ate my boiled chicken that I left.

I planned to move to Ireland this year. With all this heavy stuff? Oh you got me kidding, I had no idea how to pack! I decided to move out to a bigger house where I could sort out what stuff I should toss, ship home and what to keep. And I could leave for Ireland with happy heart and happy stuff. Anyway, I moved out to a more exclusive house with a little bit bigger room and I had my own storage! Wasn’t it good?

Yea, it was. The room was modern, clean and bright, I had a working desk, I had a locker, my boyfriend could visit me, the road was bigger, and so on. I was happy to be there until finally, I felt depressed. The house was soo empty! The security guard was so cold, I couldnt get sunshine! I always felt sleepy, I didn’t know what time it was unless I checked my phone! I played with the dog, and he was the only sunshine during my stay in that house. I spent a lot of time out. At first when I decided to stay in that house, I would spend my days working from home. But I couldn’t do that. I was depressed even more. Uff..! Until finally, I was walking to the old housing complex to find another hope.. I mean, place.

I met a friend who was also stayed with us in the old small house and she said “Hey girl, you room is empty if you wanna go back to the house”. I was like.. umm.. okay, let me think about it. Further she said “Now, we have wifi“. And then got me thinking, that besides I had BIG stuffs in my small room, there was no wifi in the 2nd floor. Well, I didn’t have personal fridge and TV anymore, so my room would not be very small right now.  And the good part, my favorite cleaning lady was there and now working in the house!

I thought about it, and then decided to move back to the small house. Today is my first night to be in the house. My stuffs are still in the box, I’m not going to unpack them. I planned to ship them home. Until the day I have to leave for Ireland, I wouldn’t have that heavy stuffs anymore 🙂

Well, I don’t need that fancy house with security guard and cool access card. I need a family. I need someone whom I could talk to. And people in this house is like a family for me. I know them by name, we talk, we cook, the cleaning lady is nice and her family is nice too.

One day a friend of mine asked me, why didn’t I stay in an apartment. Yea.. stay in an apartment might be nice, but maybe I could kill myself. I would prefer to stay in an apartment with my boyfriend, family, or at least a room mate. If I should stay alone, uff.. I prefer to stay in a shared house.

So, it’s nice to be back again. It’s nice to have a family. It’s nice to be back in the house!!


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