Who’s the Boss

Rainbow_"show_this_unicorn_who's_boss"_S1E06Few months ago, I got a youtube link from a friend, which title was ‘Like a Boss’. It was a clip from rainbow unicorn (see picture above) and it was so funny. I didn’t really understand about the meaning until something happened to me few weeks ago.

Long story short, I argued with my boss. I know, it is pointless to argue with him. He is the BOSS anyway. Oh, and perhaps I have to mention that old Indonesian era demand for “RESPECT” a LOT. That is what me, as Indonesian new era don’t really agree or like. Parents and society taught me to be independent and yes I argue a LOT with parents. When they say something that is not logically accepted, I would not do what they say. I tend to be breaking laws and rules. I will tell you later how cultural and religions in this country somehow imprison young generation for creative ideas.

Anyway, yes, I argued with my boss, and he called me in private and explained “Hey D, your attitude is not accepted, I am your BOSS, and you HAVE TO DO WHAT I TOLD YOU. Well, you know, you should only have 3 answers: YES and then you do it, YES and then you will do it later, and the third answer is YES and you delegate it to someone else”.

I was speechless when I was in his room, wondering what kind of an old dinosaur king is that person. Well, it should be a win-win solution when I had too many loads. It would be better if we shared responsibility (right?).

t-rexI don’t mind doing this and that, and I am happy for doing such things, however, when you ask someone to do something, you could say the magic words “PLEASE” and “THANK YOU”. I think that’s enough. Well, I like working for this company, but when there is no room for me to grow or to be creative or not cool anymore, maybe saying goodbye would be my priority. Or, there is no more old era. I am glad there is new generation, and many many creative, talented, young people are hired in this company. Where they could grow together to build the organization with fresh idea and WORK TOGETHER to get things done.

But, well, I’m still learning, you know, you cannot please everyone. You’re not a pizza 🙂

So, lessons learned:

1. There is no point argue with an old Indonesian era

2. Do everything quick!

3. Set up priority

4. Debate, debate, debate

5. You don’t need to be afraid of anyone or anything

6. Do what your boss say. You will learn something out of it

7. Always say Please and Thank You when you ask someone to do something

8. Be yourself. You don’t need to cover or sugar glazed your words. Childish? Uff.. Fuck off

9. You’re young, do many many mistakes!

10. Have FUN

I have to thank to my boss. He is GREAT! Now I could do EVERYTHING!!

Oh oh..and this is the link of the Rainbow Dash: Like a BOSS! Enjoy


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