How Do You Question Everything?

“Don’t just teach your children to read. Teach them to question what they read. Teach them to question everything” – George Carlin

Few days ago I went to the gym for Body Balance class. It was early before the class started, so I decided to exercise a little bit with fitness equipments. Until, there were 2 personal trainers came to me saying “Sorry Miss, you cannot be in this area without shoes”. I asked them why, and he said “This is the rule, we don’t know why”. My blood was going up and I was like… OMG, what kind of dumb ass in front of me now (?)
You know, when you forbid someone of doing something, there should be explanations. We could use our logic. Ok, so my logical explanation was because for my own safety so I couldn’t be inside of the workout area without shoes. But their answer with “…we don’t know why” is somehow unaccepted for me. We could see that those personal trainers are lazy to work on their brain to explain me things, or maybe they don’t know the explanation. OK, so leave those stupid trainers alone. I always questions myself a lot, why I should do this, why I should not do that and so on. Call me stupid or naive whatever, but I am very keen on asking questions to people to see what is their point of view on the issues I asked them. The answer “I don’t know never satisfy me”. Somehow questioning about everything is tiring but you will realize what is best for you, not because the society or religions or parents told you, but because you have a common sense or inner wisdom or knowledge based on your experience.
B8fEitPCQAABo0uLast night, I argued with mom as well because she was telling me I should not climb Mt. Semeru but the way she told me did not satisfied me at all, because she said “When I said no, it’s a no”. Hmm… alright then, it’s time for me to tell her again that I will never ever satisfied with the answer. I told her “Mom, I am not a kid and I’m not happy with answer No. I will not put myself in danger and you know it very well. I will keep going and let’s see how long I can go” 🙂


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