Until We Meet Again, Penguin Senior

Last Sunday I woke up in shock, sad news that one of our colleagues passed away

Penguin-592x379Then now, 3 days after he’s gone, the sadness is still there. I didn’t cry much anymore. But thinking how great my memories with him was incomparable.

  1. We both were new comers at the office. I came 2 weeks earlier than him. I met him for the first time at the hotel where we had a workshop. He wrote me email saying “Dian, I will respond to you soon. I’m now at Hotel X for a workshop”. In fact, I was there sitting next to him 🙂

  2. After the workshop, he kindly drove us back to the office. He said “Come with me, I brought my truck”. Me and my colleagues were like “Whaatt..? He drives a truck?” But it was not a truck literally, but a big car!
  3. He always made a funny gesture
  4. I told him that I was accepted to the same university like him for pursuing Master’s Degree. He was very happy and told me all his experiences while studying in Edinburgh
  5. The morning when he said “Don’t worry, when it meant to be yours, then it yours. You will go to school someday” knowing that I failed for the full scholarship
  6. He sang me a song for teasing my ex. I would not forget that :’)
  7. I was always sad when we were working in the field, he once said “Dian, I feel so tired. Should I skip the meeting and let you handle it, please”. His health worried us while he’s in the field
  8. He invited us for breakfasting at his home. He always said nice funny things about his family and when we met his complete family for the first time, it was memorable
  9. He never stressed out of our crazy schedule. It was crazy that most of his time was spent on airplane
  10. I used to ask him what he brought for lunch and how was his health. Talking to him seemed like having a little picnic. A distraction from work

I know, I should let him go. Everyone will dead, right? We are like waiting for a death row. And.. yesterday when I was walking to home, there was a glimpse of memory asking “What is your contribution while you’re still alive? How do you want to be remembered”?

I remember the Senior Penguin as such a great, humorous man and talented. I asked for his advice for many times. I really feel the lost. Ugh! 😦

Until we meet again, senior. Be happy wherever you are


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