Questioning Life Professionalism


Counting the hours before jumping into the plane writing this blog. Contemplating silly things a colleague told me about professionalism.

Today will be my day off until the first week of September. One day before departure, there came a disaster email where we should work our ass off. Well, not for me since it’s actually a piece of cake and someone has just blew a grenade on it. So it looks bombastic! I told a colleague, apologizing that I would not be able to join discussion tomorrow because I had some days off. Then his reply was “You are very professional!!!”

I didn’t get that. Well, I admit that maybe my intellectual level is somehow below him, but then I started to think the other way around. What is professionalism?

In the name of what you hail as professionalism, does it mean you should leave your life? does it mean you have to be available for 24 hrs? does it mean you have to sacrifice your happiness for work? does it mean you have to work Sunday and Saturday then crying that the company didn’t treat you well and so on and is that what you called as professionalism?

What I had in mind is about finding balance. I don’t give a shit what other people might think. I’ve been in a deep stress for over 8 months, and just few days leave could make such disaster where he questioned my professionalism? Well, it was just something unacceptable that drives me MAD.

Nope. I just said nope. I would be fuckin’ deactivate my mobile phone in the name of life professionalism. I don’t give a shit what might happen, nobody cares about me for the past 8 months, and now for a single email that burnt everyone, I should give up my vacation? No way, man.. no way. It’s your turn now and you should be responsible as well.

I was started to think, that if I died, it doesn’t affect much. Our team lost 2 persons, and they’re passed away. Well, I won’t be the next. For me, losing 2 colleagues was enough. I don’t want to be the next in that death row. The company could find many many high intellectual PROFESSIONAL to be employed for replacing someone in just a second. But, family and friends, they only have one sexy weird mad cynical crazy girl like me. It’s not worth to sacrifice yourself in the name of PROFESSIONALISM.

There come a question: “Then you don’t want to work in your life?”

Well pals, I work for fun honestly. However I didn’t and never make fun of my work. It’s a very serious and dangerous job that we do 🙂

Anyway, we finally need to find our balance. I work in this sector because I love it and this is my playground. However, when someone pointing me on the nose speaking about professionalism, you’d better see the other fingers pointing to your lifeless fuckin’ life. Working like cows beating up for money to send your children to school, pay your medical bill before the doctor send you to graveyard and wishing that the money you make is enough to support your family when the next death row would be yours!

Man, I’m over it. I know this writing is kind of RUDE and again what you say that this is very PROFESSIONAL, but I couldn’t handle it anymore. I need my days off and I deserve it. Time to jump in to the plane saying good bye to Jakarta!


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