Rise and Fall and Fall Deeper

Fall BetterSeptember it is now. I promised my friend to send essays to him for review. Yeh, I failed everything this year. I thought I’ve almost there, but shit happened (as always) either family or relationship. Boo hoo!

I supposed to be in Scotland this September, I didn’t make it. I didn’t even apply the UK visa that should be happening last month. Did I regret it? Well well.. like everyone says, family comes first. Nay, I didn’t regret anything, but if I could, I wish that everything went well as planned as I always wanted. Anyway, begin again, start it all over again. Happy? Nay, I’ve been doing this over and over. I should be prepared right? Everything happened for reasons, I don’t know why but it seems there is unfinished business going on between me and my head. Like, I don’t know what to do or where to start.

Yea right, I need a new focus. I always want everything. EVERYTHING!

It’s impossible. Need to do that small baby steps that everyday is a new day, and everyday I should become a better person, and that at least I should (AGAIN) complete that essay. Asking myself, what do you want to do, Dy? I don’t know, well, I’m screwed. I’m completely lost.


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