I Cast A Spell On You

Last week, a friend asked me to make a list of the man in my dream. In his opinion, I should think about partner up with someone in my late 20-ish. Arrgh how necessary it is? And he said “You have to stick on your list and don’t play around anymore”. Hey! I don’t play around. I’m not easily connected with people, so when I have that CLICK, that’s when the sparks begin. Whoever that person is. But, it is not easy, even somehow that person has already taken. Sad.

Dreams-3So, during coffee session, we made a wish list of my future partner. Even, in my heart I cast a spell that this person do exist in real life.

He listens. I always talk about things to mom, but, i think I need more. I need someone that I could talk about every single nightmare that I have, every little hopes and dreams that I’ve never achieved, every stupid moments which makes me feel so small. He has that tight warm hugs. I love tight hug, so tight that I couldn’t breathe and possibility of dying in arms 😀 Yah, I need hug, everyday.

He is strong. He is someone who could help me open pickles jar or medicine bottle. He is neat. Someone who could pack well win me. Hm, I’m a messy girl honestly. So when I see someone who are neat, uff, it’s like love at first sight. I know it sounds lame, but that’s me.

He cooks. You know, the way to my heart is from my tummy. I LOVE munchies! I eat a lot, and a man who cooks is sexy. He knows how to deal with electricity. Electrical things do confused me. I don’t understand how electricity circuit works and so on. Well, I know how to change light bulb, I know how to nail, I know how to sew, but I don’t understand electricity connection (I don’t even know the name) 😦

He loves kids. Yes, he loves kids and he loves ice cream! He swims. What could be better than swimming in the sea? I love getting tanned, I love bikini and I love swimming in the sea! He should join me as merman! He smiles. He has that lovely warm smile, whenever I see it, I feel like I’m home.

He is open. I don’t like to be someone who is close minded, super sensitive about stupid religious belief, and tempered. The most important thing should be added here — He is available.

The moment I met him would be magical. We would feel like we’ve known each other for a long time. My soul recognize his vibes. That I finally found the one. It seems simple. But, it’s not that easy.

Well, anyway, we never know. Maybe one year from now, I will write about the man in my dream comes alive! Hm yah, we’ll never know 🙂


One thought on “I Cast A Spell On You

  1. Delicious and fresh writting.

    Yes, such a person exists and is to be discovered… in a lifespam of time.

    And then comes the time when “anyone will do” which is a great time to appreciatte the beauty of those who are different and don’t suit our requirements.

    Anyway, who doesn’t like a good wine?

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