Adieu, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 12.23.54 AM

2015 is almost over. I’ve been in lots of ups and downs in my life this year. I had a painful heartbreak in the beginning of 2015 and towards 2016 I have that special feeling to someone.

This year has been the year of hope, the year to give another chance to love, and the year to move on. I like the way how the universe brings me closer to people who are able to be in touch with me emotionally.

So, I decided to let go of the people who don’t add value to my life. In 2016, I don’t want anything, but a peaceful living surrounded by positive energy and people. For the upcoming year, as I quoted from someone’s advise:

“find someone who deserves a lifetime sharing, not just moments. Find a person who wants to stay. You are not anyone’s holiday destination. You are someone’s home”

I think it’s pretty true. I don’t want to be someone’s holiday destination anymore. So, I would say goodbye to everything, to every memory, to every false hopes and dreams that will never come true, to every lovely dirty words, to every first kisses. I will keep everything in a box and move it to the corner of my temporal lobe. Good bye. 🙂



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