Big girl stays wild

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One day I asked my love: “will you still love me when I am old and shaggy?” He replied: “Darling, now tell me when you are old and shaggy? By then, I have to ask you the same. I will be getting older and slow. Will you still love me?

In a couple of week, I’m having the final stage of my 20s. One more year before hitting the next box. My friends told me, there was nothing to worry when you hit a certain age.  Well, I worry nothing about age. More age means more experience and I love to experience things. But, I’m afraid if I become old and boring, I’m afraid if I lose my inner happy rainbow – coloured butterfly, I’m afraid of being suspicious about little things like an old momma, I’m afraid of losing my wildest fantasy. It scared me the most. 

Me: “Honey, I want to experience every scar of life that will make me wiser”

There was a calming tap on my head: “You will live to the fullest with lots of scars and beautiful memories to share. Embrace your youth. You won’t live forever, make it the most. Do what make you happy, spread your wings and fly.

There will be another journey ahead and I’m counting the days. No, I’m not afraid of getting any wrinkles on my eyes. I will stay crazy and free. To embrace every pain, take every opportunity, and let go of people opinion. Life is too short to be spent with hatred. Well, even shorter when you spend it with the wrong person.

Ah anyway, it’s time to disconnect. Nighty nite weary heart.


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