A piece from the past

This afternoon me and my brother visiting a Royal Cemetery at Kotagede, Yogyakarta. I was here couple of times a long time ago but didn’t have the courage to go inside. This afternoon, while we were passing the street, my brother asked me “hey, wanna visit grandpa?” and I was reluctant.

Cemetery Complex

My heart was beating fast. It’s been some years I denied my family. I don’t want to be related with any royal family or complicated Javanese aristocracy. I still remember the day, my grandmother and/or mom told me: “You have to remember who you are and you have to behave“.  I said no. I want to be a real human without any labels. And that was when I started to make mistakes by choice, to be a little rebel, and do things the family wouldn’t like. What is the point of having royal blood in you? It is red and it is the same like any other people.

Me and my brother went inside. When the Tomb gate was opened by the guard, my heart was pounding hard. He said “This is the Pemanahan tomb and that one is the Senopati’s tomb“. My knees became weak and I fell down on my knees with tears in my eyes. A glimpse of the past was haunting me, how the family have been so generous and knowing that blood is thicker than water. The tombs were not only both of them, but there were many tombs of the rulers of Java, however the biggest cemetery is at Imogiri actually – a place where royal family burried. Pemanahan was the first ruler of the Sultanate of Mataram and succeeded to his son – Senopati.

So, maybe I will start to care and understand about our family and family tree up until my grandmother and grandfather, where they come from the Surakarta Susunate and the Mangkunegaran princedom line. I think I would need my family to explain this to me again.


Above is a girl wearing traditional Javanese costume. We have to change to this traditional costume before entering the tombs complex. The top is actually a kind of traditional half tube dress, we can do with/ or without shoulder cover.

In my blood flows the same blood like them. They are my family. Every month, the family throw a party for us to talk and to have that family bonding again. Maybe, I will come again. It is fun actually. Many of them are old. I don’t know what happen when young generations like me started to forget and do not care about the family. Even though, I don’t want to care actually, but they keep haunting me.


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