I have been away from Jakarta for 3 weeks. It feels fantastic. I was surrounded by lovely smiling people, chirping birds every morning, no crazy cars honking right in front of my house, good food, fresh water, and no stress. This holiday, I went to Yogyakarta, Bali, and Lombok.

Yogyakarta. The beloved hometown. What can I say, lots of memories planted in my head in this small city. My home is still warm with lots of plants and cute little birds. And oh, jasmine, when I went home our Jasmine was blooming gracefully. It was lovely. But, hometown has changed. There are too many malls and too many hotels. We don’t have big road, we have small narrow roads and when long holiday comes, it will be jammed so bad!

See the small rock in front of me? There’s a scary horror swing cart to take you there.

Bali. My always favourite quick getaway island. This island offers you beaches and kindness and tradition. I didn’t go to Seminyak and Ubud this holiday. It was too painful to be back there with beautiful memories from the past 😉 Instead I went to Sanur. It was more or less like family place or for more senior people. So it was relaxing to be there, with swimmable beach, and no crazy bars playing loud music with drunken Ozzi in the street.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 9.48.00 AM.png
Yes, what could be better than bikini, beach, and books!

LombokPrecisely in Gili Trawangan. I went there to completely relaxing by the beach. Wake up in the morning, dip myself in the sea, eat, sleep on sunbed, read, swim again in the sea, and repeat! Lombok is my typical sun, sand, and sexy holiday. I did the snorkeling to the three Gili again with Pak Eko — he asked “I think I’ve seen you before” ergh.. “Yea, I was the girl who was once almost drown because of too much booze“. How could he still remember that. Anyway, I was so happy to spend my time in Gili with bikini all the time, diving, cycling. It was fantastic!

Sunset bar, Gili T

I’ve managed to get to know some people. They will recognize my face right now. Thank you for the super kind people at the resort I was staying at. I’m starting to miss Gili. I will need to be back again someday soon!


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