Self commitment

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 10.44.42 PM.png

I am at the final stage of my twenties. Well, I don’t want to over dramatize my new age. But my commitment this year is to unfuck myself. I didn’t try to make peace with myself anymore. I’ve made it!

I’m grateful I’ve experienced troubles and pain. This year, I will start again zero. I want to shine and committed to make myself even happier like a baby. Yay!

Food. I don’t think I could grab fast food anymore. In 2015, maybe I ate fast food less than 10 times. This year will be zero fast food, more honey and lemon (as suggested by beloved dad), and drink more fluids.

Health. I will need to do more exercise. Yoga is a must and I will run regularly. My brother also run every morning around the house, so let’s see who will get the shape first, haha! Oh, mental health is also important. I have painting class every weekend to disconnect myself from stupid technical things and time to do something that I love, painting yay!

Spirituality. Well wishing to every creature for happiness. I don’t have time anymore for hatred or possession like I mentioned in my previous post. Life is too short for hating people. Love them who loves you and let go of the people who treat you bad. Make no room for assholes.

Letting go. I have fear. I have fear of being fear. But, I will always remember what my friend said when I was panic before jumping to the sea “Fear exists in your head. There is no right moment, D. Let go your fear. Jump!“. I know my limit and everything is okay in the end. Life is just a ride, and will make it memorable.

Travel. Travel a little bit more wouldn’t harm anyone. After few weeks away from Jakarta, I am addicted to nature and oxygen! I need a high dose of oxygen, blue sky, and the sea.

Love. I didn’t think about settling down yet, but I would like the universe surprise me with a remarkable love story between us 🙂


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