A new box syndrome

The first month of 2016 has passed (almost). I feel like I’m at the bottom of the sea. I just suddenly remember, when I was scuba diving, I had panic attack that I couldn’t float. I just saw the deep dark blue water dragging me down. I feel it now, in a real life.


I was thinking to see a shrink again. Perhaps I would say I’m having a new box syndrome. Hey it’s true. After I blew my 29th birthday candles, I messed up with everything. Literally everything. I want to be young forever.

A loved one once said “why worried about your new age. You are still a baby“.  Ugh, I know, but I deny it. It’s a little bit difficult now. I’m totally fragile. But, hey, just like my scuba diving instructor say “You dont need to worry about anything. Everything will be alright. The fear exists in your head”.

Yee. That’s nice, mate! I will glue it to my head. Everything will be alright, we’ll just keep swimming, keep swimming, and keep swimming swimming.. swimming.


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