The Knight and The Princess

A Knight fell in love with a young Princess who lives in the land of the fairies. But one day the Princess returned to her home in the sky. The Knight was startled. He knew how to ride a horse and how to fight with his sword, but he didn’t know how to fly.

The Knight left his castle and asked the butterflies to teach him to fly. But the butterflies could only teach him to fly to the top of the trees. So, the Knight asked the sparrows to teach him to fly. They could only teach him to fly to the top of the church steeple. So he asked the eagles to teach him to fly. They could only take him to the top of the mountains. There was no winged creature that could teach him to fly any higher than that.

The Knight was sad, but he didn’t gave up. He asked the wind to teach him to fly. The wind taught him to fly around the world, to fly over the mountains and above the clouds. But the Princess was still much higher in the sky. The Knight despaired and this time he did give up hope.

One night a Falling Star heard him crying. The Star stopped and offered to teach him to travel at the speed of light. To travel faster than lightning and to fly higher than a million heavens. But if the Knight couldn’t land right in front of the Princess, he would surely die. The dangerous speed at which he would be traveling would smash him into a fine red powder, and that would be the end of him. The Knight agreed. He was prepared to trust his life to the Falling Star. And he was ready to surrender his soul to a split second in time.

The Falling Star took his hand and whispered: “This is a journey of True Love. Close your eyes, oh noble Knight, and tell me to stop as soon as you feel that you are in the presence of the Princess”
They sped through the sky. The cold air seemed to tear the handsome Knight’s heart to pieces, but his soul was warmed by his love for the Princess. And when he finally felt that she was near, he shouted: “Stop!”


The Falling Star looked down and was stunned by the beauty of the lonely Princess. The Princess shone like Andromeda in the darkness of outer space. The Star fell in love with the Princess and let go of the Knight’s hand, the one who was built from love and trust.

The Knight sped through space toward his own destruction. The Star landed and claimed the Princess. The poor Knight. But as a reward, he became the Aurora, red, blue, and green swirls of the light in the northern sky, a symbol to this very day of his faithfulness and sacrifice.
The Knight, The Princess, and The Falling Star 


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