Screw the flu!

Once upon a time there was a weak lady lying on the bed because of the flu. She’s got that wet nose, dizzy head, sore throat, and bad fever. The lady was me.


Yesterday I was feeling horrible. However, if it is not ultra urgent that I couldn’t breathe, I dont like visiting a doctor. This morning I totally passed out, staying in bed. I planned to work a little bit, but work would never get done, no? There would always be another task and another task. So, I tried to take it easy today.

I prefer to drink more fluids and I never thought that warm water and lemon juice could be so relaxing. A friend of mine was suggesting the super mix of lemon, honey, and small piece of garlic in hot water. God, it feels so guudd in your throat. I will have more of it.

Stay healthy loved ones. Nighty nite!


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