Leave Me Alone!

If I could, I would try to stay away from people. Yeah, I feel it has been too much. Too much dramas, too much victims, too much toleration towards stupidity. Lately I was surrounded by nosy people. Well, not only 2 or 3 but apparently almost all people I met were annoying. The way they talked and tried to look that they were more than other people, the way they tried hard to get respect, how they boasted themselves. OMG! I’m tired.


Yeah, I was sitting there, smile and nod. I used to like social gathering to meet people, but I think I didn’t fit in anymore. Too much trashy talk and sometimes they wanted to be recognised as the most important people and they were very serious about it. 

I have zero tolerant for people who are trying to be nice because they want something in return. Hmph, I look at myself. I like street food better, sport bars, surrounded by 1 or 2 friends, talk about stupid things, laugh together about crazy life, get my feet and hands in the mud and be dirty, wear my bikini and jump to the sea. I miss that life. I miss the old me.


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