she is not the kind of girl who will get your attention on the dance floor. She believes in unicorn and red dragon. She believes that butterfly and ice cream will make her happy no matter what. She is that simple yet complicated. She has many goals and dreams, none came true.  The world flew away from her reach. Another discovery she said. Life goes on. It gets so heavy for her little body.

she is a kind of girl who pray for everything. She doesn’t even know if God do exist. She sends her prayer for everyone, for every person she met, for people who hurt her, for the universe, for the loved ones, for him. For you.

she’s mad. She’s crazy. She is delightfully chaotic, a beautiful mess. She looked like an art and loving her is a splendid adventure.

she is a magic summer time. She is sunshine during rainy days. She will tell you she is alright. No, i dont believe you – he said. She bursted into tears. She has an eye that could speak, though her tongue were silent.

i’m leaving. It’s been nice to meeting you after all these years. You have to forget me now. I will continue my life without your image in my head

she is broken. Maybe she loved too much. She was always blind to the fact that love is sometimes broken. 

no.. you have to forget me now. Without my image in your head.

and there she goes. She makes them like this is their last day on Earth. She is the soul that knows and tastes so much. She left with tears. He left with no heart.



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