Good bye, my precious!

Today, I have to bid farewell to something I loved the most. I’ve been playing around with this for almost 2 months. I cannot stop thinking about it. It is a best friend of mine, something that I looked for when I was bored, when I was stuck in Jakarta’s crazy traffic, when I was waiting at the airport, when I was working. I know, addiction on something is not healthy. But this is for sure, I have to say good bye to my favourite and addicting game ever. Hay Day.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 9.38.56 PM.png

One day, I asked my friend to uninstall this game for me, because I became too attached and addicted to it. However it didn’t work. I installed again the next week after. My whole days were all thinking about my chickens, sheep, busy loading stuffs in my boat and truck, as well as making money by selling things. I was so productive with Hay Day, but not productive with other things.

Anyway, last week I uninstalled it and today I tried to install again but it didn’t work. There might be something wrong with my phone. Or perhaps, my phone already knew that I will uninstall the app again once I became too addicted to it 😀

So, I promised myself not to install the game. I feel bad because every time I visited Google Play Store, I always look for Hay Day. So, I might need to find another activity to distract me from playing/ trying to install Hay Day.

*maybe installing Township hehe



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